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The purpose of this site is to:

provide a compendium of information relating to the sales and distribution of the Rover SD1, 3500 SE & Vanden Plas 3500 vehicles in Australia, and including construction, sales, marketing and ownership in Australia and New Zealand;

 establish a list of former BL/JRA dealers that handled these vehicles, and whether they are still trading;

 encourage owners past and present to contribute photos of vehicles; Advice from the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust in September 2011 is that very limited information for the sales figures relating to the Australian Rover SD1 has survived. BMIHT have indicated that they have the factory build records, which state the specification of a particular vehicle, such as ‘right hand drive export’ but do not explicitly state to which export market a vehicle is destined for.

Given the BMIHT advice that their information is limited to UK build date, we would be interested in talking to dealers who handled new SD1 sales and distribution, and if possible, to access past stock inventories for the period. Any advice/leads on past Australian BL/JRA dealers would be appreciated. ________________________________________________________________

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