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Workshop manuals for the Rover Quintet and Rover 416i in Australia were essentially re-badged Honda publications.

The Rover 416i manuals comprise Honda technical data, and an Australian supplement. The 3 volume set comprises:

• Maintenance and Repair manual
(publication TP1150, first edition 2/86)

• Construction and Function manual
(publication TP1151, first edition 2/86)

• Australian Supplement
(publication TP1152, first edition 5/86)

Rover 416i Australian Supplement

• Above: Rover 416i Automatic Gearbox Manual.
Publication TP 1158, published April 1986.


Rover Quintet Workshop Manual:
Published by Honda, 9/80


JRA Rover Spare Parts Quick Reference Guide & Smash Repair Manual 1987
• Rover SD1 | Rover SD1 F
uel Injection | Rover 3500SE | Rover Vanden Plas
Rover Quintet
| Rover 416i | Rover 825
Issued circa 1987.

• Download | JRA Rover Parts Guide 1987 PDF

• Download | JRA Rover Smash Repair Guide 1987 PDF