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In Australia each of the eight states and territories issue their own unique series of vehicle registration plates.  Doubling up between the jurisdictions is not uncommon.  Whilst we know that our vehicles are designated SD1, the alpha sequence ‘SDI’ provides an opportunity to read the letter ‘I’ as a number 1.

The ‘SDI’ alpha sequence has been issued in both NSW and Victoria.  An article discussing the NSW issue of these plates can be found elsewhere on this site:
Leyland Australia & JRA Themed Number Plates

P1080479 Spotted at Bendigo Swap Meet 17-11-2012

Above. This is a standard issue vehicle registration plate in Victoria, in a blue on white reflectorised format.  This photo was taken at Bendigo, Victoria in November 2012.  SDI.279 would look great on a February 1979 (ie 279) model.

P1080526 funplate

Above. This is a display plate only, i.e., it cannot be displayed for registration purposes. Made in Australia by Mr Funplates, this embosed plate is in the euro plate format in white on black.

P1080529 Rover Marina

P1080531 Rover front

Above. These plates, produced in Australia, were used by Rover dealerships when displaying new vehicles.  The plates also appear in the Australian press kit material circa 1978 and other advertising.

Note that the gold on black format varied with different plate runs (ie the gold is darker and stronger on the lower plate), and the rear of the plates were either grey-backed or black-backed.

Dealers had similar plates for other vehicles, for example the Leyland Marina in white on black.
P1080532 Rover reverse

Above. This Rover is fitted with an Australian after-market accessory for carrying the vehicle registration plate.  Australian plates, being smaller than the UK/Europe plates, do not fill the space between the SD1 tail lights.  This plate carrier is made of plastic and has raised sections on each side which replicate the profile of the the tail lights.

IMG030 1985 Rover Vanden Plas South Australia 12-2012

Above & below. These personalised ‘SD1’ plates have been issued in South Australia and fitted to a 1985 arum white Vanden Plas. Our thanks to the owner of this vehicle who kindly submitted these photos.

IMG031 1985 Rover Vanden Plas 3500 South Australia 12-2012

Below: These personalised ‘SDI-079’ plates have been issued in South Australia and fitted to a 1979 Rover 3500 SD1 Tarmac Rally Car. Our thanks to Jai Raymond who kindly submitted the workshop photo.

DSC_0005 Installing new parts coil overs & number plates 1979 Rover 3500 SD1 Jai Raymond South Australia 20-6-2013

DSC_0007 1979 Rover 3500 SD1 Nairne SA 23-6-2013
Photo provided with kind permission of MWP Sports Photography & Jai Raymond.